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Tips of Keno

Tips of Keno

Whether you play online or land based keno, you must know the rules and tips of keno to get the best excitement of the game. You will have fun whether you win or lose. If your luck favors you then you can win a lot and sometimes the winnings can be bigger than the expectation. Some popular and useful keno tips are given below:

Tip 1: Know Your Bankroll

People love to play the minimum rate in keno just the $1-2 per game. If you play the online version of the game then you have to put more money on risk. In the land based casinos, the rate per bet is lower than the online keno so you need to know about your bankroll before start playing the game.

Tip 2: Have a Look on the Progressives

The progressive jackpot is the ultimate winnings of keno and most of the casinos support the progressive jackpot. This jackpot payout is much higher than the usual winnings and if you win a jackpot then your life will be changed and you don’t need to look back. Progressive jackpot only allows for certain numbers matching so whenever you play the game have a greater look on the progressive jackpot.

Tip 3: Choose the Best Balance of Spots

Choosing the best spots will make your day, so don’t try to choose many spots or a few spots at a time and every time you choose the spots, choose wisely. This will increase the odds to win the game and have a great payout.


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