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Money Management for Craps

Money Management for Craps

For playing craps you have to learn the money management process of it first. Craps is such a game where you can lose or win money very fast so keeping an eye on the money management process is very essential. If you don’t keep an eye on the money management process of craps then you can be out of the game sooner than you expected.

Always Have an Effective Plan for Money Management

When you are playing craps, you can bet on anything and anytime you want. To avoid risky bets you can bet on the come bet where you will bet on a certain number. There is no fixed end for craps and the game will continue unless the shooter got all sevens out. To play more time and secure your money you must make a decision about the percentage of your money what you want to spend on each of those shooters. Betting on come bets and pass line is the most secure bets in craps so it will be better if you put most of your bets on these.

Separate Your Money from the Craps

You always have to separate your money from the craps money, which means you have to make a fund for playing craps which will be the extra of your live living cost. You have to remember that you can lose all your money on a single bet if you are excited about the game.

Whenever you gamble, always use some safety money management procedures because you can have bad luck anytime and you can lose everything in a single bet. So create fund to play games and only use that money to play the game. This rule works for all type of gambling and craps is no different than that.


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