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iPod Casino

People say music is their lifeline and for all those people who do believe in this fact must
make the most of IPod Nano. This new technology let you relish the pleasures of sweet
melodies especially if you are sick of lackluster casino whistles. With impeccable minute
dimension technology you are able to take your IPod casino Nano anywhere you want to. If you
travel a lot and cannot handle many musical gadgets with you, this IPod casino is the only
solution whether you are travelling in a jet or a car.

Startling Features of IPod Casino:

  • Impeccable sounds
  • 14 hours battery life
  • External USB 2.0 port availability
  • Plays music, podcasts and audio books
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Folder covers and separate snaps shown is colored monitor
  • Compatible with home stereo
  • Light weight i.e. 1.5 ounce and dimensions of 3.49×1.59x .027
  • Available In affordable price


USB 2.0 link is necessary without which you cannot run IPod casino.

Playing IPod Casino Games on IPod Nano:

No wires or external links are required in order to take delights of IPod casino Nano
because it is integrated with specialized lanyard headphones. If you are playing a lengthy
poker game, this stunning technology keeps you enchanted because you can make the most of
your favorite tunes and melodies.

Casino Games on IPod Nano:

IPod Mahjong:

This IPod casino game was first introduced in early 80s and this makes it one of the oldest
gambling games. Though, Mahjong is not the only title given to this IPod casino game, you
will come across numerous other titles too. It is interesting IPod casino game that is based
on old Chinese culture. When you load this game, you find yourself amid extremely cozy
Chinese environment with attractive graphics and pictures. Ying-yang rotates and tells you
that your game is being loaded. If you see a frightening dragon, it means your game is
protected as a dragon symbolizes protection and safety.

Playing Mahjong:

You are given with 72 tiles you need to select six ideas from, which take account Crafts,
Scenery, Horoscope, Martial Arts, Nature and Emperors. These multifarious themes are diverse
so when you get acquainted with any specific theme then stick to that theme and be the
expert. Pass ‘n’ play is the most interesting mode of this IPod casino game. It allows you
to observe up to three opponents that how they play and answer the arrangements whereas
single player mode facilitate you to play the IPod casino using any theme without any time

Every theme of Mahjong has its own charms and each one is a little different from the other.
For instance, Emperor’s theme is the most daring one as in this theme you need to accomplish
a certain arrangement in a specified period of time. Each of six ideas or themes has twelve
separate arrangements that a player need to finish. If you finish all the twelve
arrangements of each of the idea or theme, you win a precious stone. You can use this
precious stone to enter in the Emperor’s theme otherwise you cannot.

Tracking Game’s Progress:

Highlighted list of options pops up in front of you every time after completion of an
arrangement that actually accentuates a Chinese saying, which is gathered in your Scroll Of
Wisdom. You can easily track your progress by entering in this Scroll Of Wisdom because it
records all of your records of precious stones that you might have won and notes down your
scores. The entire record from peasant to emperor is recorded until all 72 arrangements are

In case you cannot do well in IPod casino game, save the game and quit for the time being.
Every little detail is recorded for example; you can track all records of boards that you
have emptied, number of arrangements that you have completed, number of detached tiles, game
history, dates when a game was played, number of times a game is played and others.

IPod Casino Gambling

IPod Backgammon:

Backgammon is one of the oldest gambling games and people are playing it since they learnt
techniques to spend their leisure time in some traditional games. Relish the pleasures of
all traditional games without messing much with the old traditional codes. And all these
thrills do not remain far especially when you have an IPod with you.

IPod Backgammon Features:

Online Backgammon casino games are extremely thrilling because there is no computer-based
restriction; you are free to make the most of online IPod casino game and enjoy 2D, 3D
gaming environment along with superb graphics and fantastic themes with different levels of
complexity. Knockdown warriors and use your best skills to win this adventurous game.

Playing Backgammon:

If you are playing through any system, you will need to use seminar; this option lets you
perform different tasks and functions in the classic mode of Backgammon. Every IPod casino
game allows it players to select the playing mode for instance you can choose any mode of
your own choice; rapid or tournament. You can fight against computer and test your warrior
skills –which is always interesting.

Generally, three complexity levels are provided to the players to make a selection from.
These levels of complexity take account of beginner, intermediary and tough. Furthermore,
you have six fantastic image options to make the most from that include fancy leather,
elegant leather, mechano, vintage, magnetic and wood. To make you moves, use the click wheel
and rotate it in the direction of the rolling dice. Though, fortune stimulates this game but
if you have experience and strategy then you have great chances to win the IPod casino