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Pai Gow Rules

Pai Gow Poker is one of the most popular versions of online poker. The basic rules of this version are similar with the real poker and there are many differences in the rules between the original and pai gow poker. To play the online game, you have to play only against the dealers; other players don’t have any relation on the result of the game. For other versions of poker, you can play with other poker players but for this version the dealer is the only opponent. This is the benefit of the game that you just need to beat one person to win the game not 3-4 players.


The rules of the game are really easy to learn. A beginner will need an hour or two to learn all the rules and terms of the game. First the dealer will deal and you will get 7 cards. 7 cards will be divided into 2 hands, one hand will have 5 and other hand will have 2 cards. 2 cards value will be less than the 5 cards value and to win the game, you must win the both hands. If you win one hand and lose one hand then none will be the winner of the game. If the dealer and you have the same value then that will be called as the tie and the dealer will win the game.


There are many casinos where you can play online pai gow poker but there are some casinos that don’t contain the game to game but the number is relatively low. When you know about a casino who offers the game, you can learn the betting procedures and general rules before start playing the game. You can play the free game to learn clearly about the game before start playing the real money betting game to ensure the safety of your bank roll.