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Playing Keno

Lottery is like the game named keno, so if you know how to play the lottery then you surely know how to play the keno. This is a fast game and you will enjoy the game really well. You can play the game in the land based casinos or in the online casinos. You can play either the normal versions of the game or the video versions and this is really enjoyable game.


When you are playing the game in any land based casinos, the game board will be on the regular display of the casino. The tickets of the game can be available in any place where the keno board is visible and the numbers will be appeared at a regular order so that you can get the tickets.

Usually, keno consists about 80 numbers and you or the players can pick any number or more than one number if they want. Normally a player can choose up to 15 numbers but some casinos support up to 20 numbers and your payout will be depends on the numbers you choose. If you choose higher numbers then you will get higher or greater payouts. That means if you choose only one number then you will get small payout if the number appear but if you choose 10 numbers then if all 10 or 7 or 8 or 9 numbers appear then you will get huge payouts.


In the live keno game, the game starts after a certain period every time. The selected numbers are highlighted every time then all 20 numbers chosen and you can check that your number is appeared or not.


For the online and video versions of the game, the game will start after you choose the numbers but for land based casino kenos; you have to wait until all numbers are chosen by the players.