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Rules of Keno

Rules of Keno

Playing keno is like playing lottery and the rules are similar to each other. The online version of the game is much similar with the lottery because in the traditional casinos you can know who the other players are if you don’t win but in the online casinos you will never known who the winner is if you lose the game.

This game is depend on the luck only so there is no difference between the beginners and experienced players, both have same odds to win the game. This is the basic of the game but there are some rules what you must to know before start playing the game. You must know the basic rules and betting procedure of the game to get more fun of the game.

Playing Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are really easy and anyone can learn the rules within a few minutes. The original rules of the game said that there must be 80 numbers to bet on. To start the game first you have to select a number or more than one number but you can’t select more than 15 numbers at a time, for some casinos the number can be up to 20. If you choose more numbers and those numbers appear on the board or screen then you will win huge in the game than the single number bet.

Standard bets of the Game: You must know about the different types of the betting rules of the game before start playing it.

Combination Tickets Playing: If you bet on more than one numbers then you can bet on different combinations where each combination will be a single bet.

Straight Tickets Playing: For this bet, you can bet on 1-15 numbers or 20 numbers in some casinos as different bet for each one.

Split tickets, way tickets, king tickets playing and some other bets are the most popular and useful bets of the keno.


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