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Bodog’s Billionth Blackjack Hand Dealt

In the middle of January 2010, Bodog Casino launched the promotion of the Billionth Hand of Blackjack. It is released just when the 979th million blackjack hand was not yet officially dealt. The promotion made a successful enticement. Players that are dealt every millionth hand will be awarded by soaring cash prizes. And players to be dealt the billionth hand will enjoy a bonus of an out of the ordinary holiday package together with a high cash prize.

Bodog Casino had already announced earlier that Billionth Blackjack Hand would be dealt on March 04, 2011. The promotion did come earlier than the expectation. By its attractive prizes, it is no doubt that it will bring much patrons and the wagering will level-up to a higher plane. The lucky player to be dealt the billionth hand was in the person of Michael H. The Bodog Casino divulged the following winning statement for Michael: “Michael H. found himself in a right place at the right time and hit the one billionth hands, winning the last of our 21 cash prizes of $1,000 and a Billionaire’s Experience of his choice!”

The Billionth Hand of Blackjack corresponds to an exotic and glamorous billionaire’s holiday. A blackjack on a qualifying hand is equivalent to a single ticket for draw. The draw took place on last March 04, 2011 just when the billionth blackhand was dealt. The second one to live like a billionaire in a once in a blue moon experience is Joey W. Michael and Joey haven’t make a call yet as to what package to go for. These two big time winners are to choose between embarking on a luxury yacht while witnessing the live Monaco Grand Pix 2011 and making an escape in the exclusive island of Fiji for a holiday. Bodog Casino is still on for more news of surprises and exclusive one on one with Michael and Joey. Casino members are called for to stay tune.

Other than Michael H, 20 players have won $1,000 prizes for the landmarks obtained along the way. For the 979 millionth hands last January 22, Lester A had won a thousand dollar. Every two days, a million hands were dealt making an average of $1,000 already been given out.

The Bodog Casino is thanking all their players who supported and participated in their promotion which helped them reach a milestone in their venture. In their recent statement, Bodog Casino said, “We believe that the player is the important part of the casino, and we continue to provide you with an unrivalled experience every day since 1996. Watch out for yet another amazing Bodog Casino promotion coming soon!”

Bodog Casino is powered by software from the unshakable Realtime Gaming.


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