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Origins of Keno

Origins of Keno

Keno is one of the old and popular casino games all over the world. If you want to search the older game than keno then you have to search harder because it will not be easy to find a casino game older than keno. This is a game what started before the casinos.

Though keno has a great and large history so we can divide the history into two parts the ancient keno and the modern keno and they are given below:

Ancient History of Keno:

In the 200 BC, a Chinese ruler named Cheung Leung invented a game like the keno. It has said that the city of the inventor of the game was under Great War and it was lacked with supply, money and food. People didn’t want to fight anymore and Leung came with the idea of a game which had 120 symbols instead of 80 symbols of modern keno and that idea worked out. People also believe that the fund of making the great wall came by the game. This game was known as the white pigeon in the ancient China. Birds were used to send money to people who lived outside of the city.

Modern History of Keno

The Chinese immigrants first brought the game into United States in the 19th century. The game then played all over the country with the name Chinese Lottery. The game was faced some problems with the symbols it used at the first time and for that cause the game couldn’t get large number of popularity. In 1931, Nevada first legalized gambling but lottery didn’t legalized with the rules so the name changed with the Horse Racing Keno and that was the first time the game played with the numbers. Using the numbers changed the way to play the game and the game gained huge popularity within a short time all over America.


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