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Scratch Cards

What is the Scratch Cards and How to Play It?

Scratch Cards is an online casino game and this is one of the unique online
that are played in online casinos only, you can find no land based traditional
casino who offers this game to their customers. This is game with easy rules and regulations
and anyone can learn these rules and regulations within a few minutes. The odds of this game
varied in each round and this game offers many jackpots with higher amount as the winnings
than any other online casino games so if you have time to play online casino games then you
can play scratch cards.

Though, this is software based game so the designers of this game, tried hard to make it
realistic to the players and they made the cards like real and players scratch the cards to
get the preferred symbols. If you want to scratch the cards you can do so but if you do not
want to scratch the cards then you can get automatic results and that will save your time
for scratching every card. So this is an easy game to play and everyone knows how to scratch
a card. If you are new, then you can also play this game.

The betting amount is not fixed per round, and the amount can vary from $.01 to $5 and there
also some casinos who offer $10 to $20 per scratch and if you play this high valued game,
then the winning will be higher than the regular. If you have one $1 then you can also play
this game and if you play with the $.01 chips then you can scratch 100 cards and that will
increase your winning chances. If you are be able to get the jackpot then you will win
really high amount like $10000 or even $100000 based on the amount per casino.