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History of Slots

In the year 1895, a man named Charles Fey invented the first slots machine. The first slots machine was quite different than the modern slots machines and he worded with the first machine to reduce laggings of it. In the year 1907 he was able to minimize those laggings and he sold the first business class modern slots machine the Mill Novelty Company. This name of the first slots machine was the Liberty Bell. Liberty Bell was made with the cast iron and it also has 4 legs and toes and in the later versions every slots machine contained full feet without any toes.

The first machine had the similar reels like these modern slots machines but it did not have any numbers or symbols on the reels, the reels contained the face cards and the internal bell rang when a player won but modern slots machines do not have the bell but modern machines have indicators and the indicator will only indicate if you the highest jackpot and in every regular win there will be no indication. The 1st slots machine had 3 reels and 20 symbols and the 1st machine Liberty Bell is also existed in United States.

In this modern era of slots, modern machines have more than 20 symbols per machines and there are many slots machines where more than 3 reels are used. The original slots machine had only 1 pay line and there many modern versions of slots where more than 1 pay lines are used to pay the players. The online slots have more versions than the traditional slots, and playing online slots are more exciting and thrilling than traditional slots because of the high quality themes and graphics. There are many types of slots in the market, that if a player wants to he or she can not play all types of slots in a year.