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Digressive Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are the highlights of online casinos. When in a conversation about these progressive jackpots, what first come to the players’ minds are online casino slot game. However, there are still some others who think about different casino games, especially those that would award the player with large payouts. Those who are high roller can expect big winnings, but with that expectation, they must also be prepared for the alternative: losing more than what they hope to. This is because these are the types of casino games that require a large initial investment as well. As a result, many players spend extra on online blackjack so that they may play progressive blackjack jackpot.

Progressive type of online casino blackjack is sort of like the ordinary game. Players play with eight card decks and through the additional $1 side bet, they are able to have a chance to play in the progressive jackpot. On the other hand, players may join the game without having to pay this additional expense and thus, remain playing the regular popular online blackjack game.

A player who is dealt with four Aces of the same color – meaning they are either all black or all red – will be paid with the total winnings in blackjack progressive jackpot. Fixed payouts are made in instances that the players are dealt with the other combinations are both black and redAces and combinations with little number of Aces as well.

The rules for the game usually vary from one online casino to another, despite the fact that the major idea and guidelines of its mechanics are roughly similar. In some online casinos, players with a winning combination will not be given fixed payouts, but instead will be given a percentage of popular progressive blackjack jackpot. A certain online casino software providers supply the gamblers 10% progressive jackpot if they were dealt with four differently-colored Aces.

This gives the rough broad description of how progressive blackjack jackpots in Cryptologic- and Playtech-ran online casinos operate. Microgaming, on the other hand, operates quite differently from these conventios. This uses “Sevens” instead of “Aces” as the basis of winnings, and known as- the Triple Sevens. Progressive blackjack jackpot win is possible when the three sevens’ of diamonds are perfectly dealt. Most people would assume that this type of progressive blackjack is easier than the conventional operations because it requires only three cards, however, what players must take into consideration is that this is equally difficult because they must be dealt with three sevens of the same suit. Same as in the usual type, there are also fixed payouts for the different combinations of sevens.

Much to players’ dismay, this progressive blackjack jackpot does not payout very often or even much money (around thousands dollars), perhaps allowing players only to earn such an amount after a year of hard-time gaming!