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Odds of Craps

Odds of Craps

Whenever you want to play a game you have to learn about the odds of the game for game like craps this is the most important part of it. If you learn about the odds of the game then you can secure your money from losing for most of the time. If you look clearly you can easily find that all the casinos want the players to bet on the risky bets rather than the more secure bets. They don’t have any concern about their players losing them just want to make more money.

Explanation of Craps Odds

The pass and don’t pass and the come and don’t come bets are the most secure bets in craps where the odds are higher than other bets. It is sure you will earn more from a risky bet but losing money has more odds than earning in those risky bets. You will earn less on those secure bets but it will make sure smaller losing amount and increase the odds to win the bet. These secure bets have no house edge where you have to pay house edge for other bets whether you win or lose.

Proposition Bets

Except the pass and come bets of craps, every bet of the game has a house edge and less odds to win. You can get greater payouts in these bets like the 8 to 1, or 12 to 1 even 30 to 1. There is a rule in every casino game that if the payout is great then the odds will be less than the usual. If the payout is 500 to 1 then you can be sure the odds will never be happen or only happen if that is a miracle.

The Hardway Bet has the payout 9 to 1 or 7 to 1 but is has the house edge around 7% to 9%. Any seven is another bet where the payout is 4 to1 but the house edge is over 16%. Horn bet has the payout 30 to 1 or 15 to 1 but the house edge for this bet is around 12%. So, always try to avoid the highly payout bets because it has higher house edges and fewer odds to win that bet. Try to bet on more secure bets where you will win smaller amount but the losing odds are fewer than other bets.


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